#2 Licence granted!

Picture: Africa Gomez.

Yes, we got the licence – but what do we really think we’re getting ourselves in for? Also in this episode: highs and lows in the search for nest sites, tips from an old hand, and how falconry can help you in the boardroom.

Here are some photos of things we found in the woods. A bird skeleton:


Bits of jackdaw:



Another bird skeleton:


The keel has some nice strong chips out of it. Perhaps it’s the work of a peregrine rather than a spar.



I couldn’t find any videos of sparrowhawk display flights, but I did find this nice photo on bird behaviour blog The Rattling Crow, by Africa Gomez:


There are some amazing photos of perched spars and muskets on her site too. She also makes beautiful bird sketches – one of which is the featured image at the top of this post.




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