#3 Indiana Bones

We’re deep in the woods this episode, where the search for nest sites gathers pace. What do you find when you sit and wait; what happens when you track and follow?

Here are photos of the letter we received, the licence, and the conditions attached to the wild take.

licence letter licence licence conditions

The recent dry weather has given us lovely, fresh-looking plucking sites to find. This was a blackbird, killed near the golf course.

lovely fresh plucking spot on dry ground

Who built this nest? Who repaired it? Does anyone live in it now?

golf course - possible nest

Some really tiny flight feathers found on the island: goldcrest?

tiny primaries

Lemony seamróg garnish with your St. Paddy’s Day blackbird, Mr. Musket?

IMG_20160317_145206 island big plucking


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