#4 Back-garden Adventures

In this episode, we spend a dark and lonely night on the island in the hope of meeting a hawk. But even back gardens can be scary, strange places. We face the fear, and find mysteries high and low.

Rook’s skull found near the farmyard:


Camping on the island:



Bananas filled with Cadbury’s Mixed Chocolate Buttons and barbecued – recommended:


Long-eared owl pellet and treecreeper feathers found in the mossy woods:


Magpie, sparrowhawk and owl feathers found in the dark garden:




Book mentioned: ‘Tracks and Signs of the Birds of Britain and Europe’ (2nd ed.) by Roy Brown, John Ferguson, Michael Lawrence and David Lees, 2003, Christopher Helm / A&C Black.

Film mentioned: ‘The Secret Life of the Sparrowhawk’ by Dave Culley, narrated by Chris Packham: sparrowhawk-island.co.uk.

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